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Nightstud 3 Full Version 1079 [Updated]




75 total, done. is in th /home/.ecryptfs/$USER/.Private the only file that is not owned by me and its' permissions are drwx------ 2 sorq sorq 4096 Jan 8 14:34.ecryptfs 13.10? 13.10 that's why 13.10 is dead i4z 13.10 is dead, 13.04 is still supported your on 3.9 kernel right? yes try running these two commands in terminal i4z, ls -l ~/.ecryptfs ls -l ~/.ecryptfs/$USER/.Private i4z i only have this file "sorq:$ecryptfs_key_file" not your ecryptfs folder ok, now create a new folder and name it ~/myPrivate done now copy and paste your ecryptfs folder into it now paste the file you want to open like this ecryptfs-mount-private no need to use $USER at the end of that, since we already have that in our path and how do i make it not go back to the home folder? if you want you can use the mv command to move the folder or you can use the copy command mv ~/myPrivate /home/ or cp ~/myPrivate /home/ because they are different.




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Nightstud 3 Full Version 1079 [Updated]

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